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LED Wall and Stage Light Rentals
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Light Up Your Event with Dynamic Stage Lighting Solutions

Make any event attractive with our excellent stage lighting rentals. Cine Sonic Equipment provides a wide selection of stage lighting options to enhance performances, presentations, concerts, and special events of all sizes. Our stage lighting solutions, from bright colour washes to dynamic moving lights, will enhance your event and attract your audience.


  • 15-R Sharpies
  • Blinders
  • Batons
  • Stryker Lights
  • Warm Lights
  • Wash
  • Strobe
  • Haze/Smoke Machine
  • Lasers
  • Profiles
  • Goal Post/Box Trussing, T Truss and Spans

Customized lighting solutions

We offer customised stage and lighting rental because every event is different. Whether you're organizing a corporate conference, theatrical production, or live performance, our expert team works with you to develop a lighting setup that enhances your event's atmosphere and realizes your vision.

Variable lighting effects

Our stage lighting rental inventory has fixtures and effects for any event theme or artistic vision. From basic spotlights and wash lights to clever moving heads and LED effects, we have everything you need to create beautiful visual experiences that wow your audience.

Installation and operation by professionals

Leave technical details to us. Our experienced experts install and operate stage lights to match your event's production design. Our years of audio-visual knowledge allow us to offer professional solutions that exceed your expectations.

Dynamic Control, Precision

Enjoy complete stage lighting control with our easy control systems and software. Our easy-to-use interfaces let you design bespoke lighting cues or utilize basic presets to get the right appearance for every moment of your event. Precision dimming and colour mixing let you easily set the mood with your lighting.

Reliability and Performance

Event reliability is crucial. We only sell high-quality stage lighting equipment rental from trusted manufacturers, meticulously maintained and tested to ensure functionality. Our stage lighting rentals always give perfection due to our dedication.

Enhance Your Event with our Stage Lighting Products

Ready to improve event production? Contact us today to learn more about our stage lighting rental options and how Cine Sonic Equipment can help you produce unforgettable events.

Cine Sonic Equipment' Dynamic Stage Lighting Creates Memories

Lighting establishes the mood, boosts performances, and creates memorable moments, says Cine Sonic Equipment. We love offering a variety of stage lighting options to make any event location dynamic and immersive.

Unlimited creativity at your fingertips

Your imagination is limited with our stage lighting rentals. Our numerous lighting fixtures and effects help you visualize your concept by emphasizing key points, giving drama to a play, or creating a lively concert atmosphere.

Unmatched versatility

PAR cans, Fresnel fixtures, LED wash lights, and moving heads are available for any event theme. Whether you're lighting a small stage or a vast concert venue, our skilled staff can assist you find the proper fixtures.

Smooth production integration

Lighting, sound, and visual integration are important to Cine Sonic Equipment. Our professional technicians work with you to fit your stage lighting setup to your production design and enhance your audience's experience.

Control and precision without effort

Easily control your lighting with our straightforward control systems and software. Our intuitive interfaces make it easy to set bespoke lighting cues, modify colours and intensity, and sync lighting effects with music or other audio-visual elements, whether you're a lighting designer or a beginner.

Always-Reliable Performance

Uncompromising reliability is essential for your event. We meticulously maintain and quality-check our stage lighting equipment to ensure it always works. Our rentals provide continuous, high-quality illumination throughout your event due to our dedication to excellence.

Partner with Cine Sonic Equipment for Lighting

Ready to enhance your event with stage lighting? Contact Cine Sonic Equipment today to see how we can help you create unforgettable events that shine bright and leave a lasting impact. Your search for stage lighting rental near me will be over with Cine Sonic Equipment.